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In addition to surgeries, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are presented as an alternative for the patient who can opt for them if they do not wish to undergo more complex surgical procedures, or as a complement to an operation already performed.

Certified plastic surgeon, specialized in: General surgery, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

Dedicated, passionate and versatile certified plastic surgeon with a sumptuous concept of beauty. I am a coherent, constant, and visionary person that faithfully believes in the results obtained through science.

As a professional, I am a trained and skilled specialist that is committed to the constant pursuit of knowledge that is at the forefront of all fields of plastic surgery. I am a resolute and assertive surgeon with a sensitivity for shapes and proportions, which allows a high standard of beauty, always focused on the advanced management of complex techniques.

Before beginning any procedure that interests you, I oversee carrying out assessments and tests to determine whether you are the ideal candidate since in my work I do not accept errors or procedures that may affect your health.

Graduated from the University of Tolima, Colombia.
Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon from the University of Sinú, Montería, Colombia.
Training in negative pressure systems, Dublin, Ireland.

Languages: Spanish and English.



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